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Stefanie Blue received her first camera at the age of 10, and she has loved photography ever since.  She founded TRUE BLUE Portrait in 2014, after 7 years as co-owner of BlueFlair Photography.  TRUE BLUE Portrait is not only true to Stefanie's vision, but about helping clients be true to themselves.

Growing up in a family that traveled every summer, she took photo after photo, keeping the camera in her hand. From the Grand Canyon in Arizona to barefoot waterskiing at Busch Gardens in Florida, to waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains, the camera was like a best friend.

Unlike many “faux-tographers” who receive a new camera and declare themselves in business, Stefanie developed the discipline to move from simplistic automatic cameras to full manual operation. She has worked with film, medium-format and slide film, and was determined to master the craft. To this day, her innate creativity and vision give her a unique perception of the world.

She has a simple belief:  Beauty is everywhere, and in everyone - you just need to know how to look for it sometimes. 

Stefanie spent many years working in child welfare, and witnessing teens and adult women who suffered from low self-esteem issues.  She is very passionate about working with women who too often put themselves on the "back burner" while caring for everyone else in their life.  Stefanie's personal branding sessions (and glamour sessions) are an amazing experience for women who haven't felt good about themselves in awhile, or maybe havee never believed in their own inner beauty.  A client recently left after such a session and said she would "float on the experience for months."  Working with women, sharing those personal connections, and watching their self-confidence come when they see their TRUE beauty - THAT, is a great day at work!

PS - Stefanie also teaches social media, branding, and photography workshops.  Stefanie is also available for food photography, and includes light food styling.  To learn more about how TRUE BLUE Portrait can support your small business, visit: TRUEBLUE Business Services. For some eye candy, check out Stefanie's Fine Art Photography.